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“What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?”
– Michelangelo

My Experiences With The Sony A7
Review of Sony Alpha 7
3 hours ago

After having and using my A7 for about eight months now, I thought I'd add a few extra words to my initial reaction regarding my experience with it. I'm not going to get real technical here (not that the A7 couldn't stand up to technical scrutiny!), but rather approach it from a user's standpoint.

Having been a professional photog (with my own full-time studio) for several years in the past, I owned many cameras from the film era (including medium-format cams), and I've managed to own several different brands of point & shoots, DSLRs and mirrorless ILCs. I also do my fair share of art photography, mostly centered on models and landscapes (….  I have been on a constant quest over the years to lighten my load (both in weight and quantity) - including lighting equipment - getting down to the bare essentials of what I actually need to do the job.

I was impressed with the A7 when it first debuted, and spent many months "considering" a change to it. I had come to much prefer mirrorless cams over the bulkier and heavier DSLRs anyway, and the prospect of finally moving to a compact full-framer for a decent price was overwhemingly tempting to me. Prior that, I had strongly considered a 5D3... a really wonderful and fantastic cam, but I was already tired of lugging DSLRs around, and it was even heavier than what I had! So, my thoughts about going to FF slipped onto the back burner, until the advent of the A7.

At the expense of possibly sounding like a fanboy (I'm actually not a brand-concious user... I've owned many brands and models), I can only say that the A7 not only has not let me down, but has continued to wow and zow me over the months!  First and foremost is its size and weight... spectacular! While it's not a pocketable cam of course, you will be impressed with its size and weight, and your body will thank you for it too. When I just have to use a truly pocketable camera, I use my trusty little Canon S100.

Then there's its ease of use and and common sense layout. I love the menu system, as it's intuitive and easy to navigate. I continue to discover more and more features that this unit delivers! It is feature rich and Sony's extensive experience with making and also providing sensors to other manufacturers (including Nikon) did not leave me wanting in the resolution and quality departments. My later purchase of the Zeiss 55mm, F/1.8 served to increase the "wow" factor even more for me. Rich in color and sharpness, it's hard to beat Zeiss for sure!

I wish (well, not really!) I could come up with some negatives about the camera to relieve doubt in anyone's mind that I am a diehard Sony fan, but I just can't. However, I will say that Sony has definitely led the pack in going where no camera manufacturer has gone before in terms of innovation and pioneering new technology.  I suppose one thing that I might like added, is a three-way articulated touchscreen, but that addition wouldn't make me spring for a new, more expensive model just for that.

No camera is perfect, but no camera has come as close to it as the A7 has for me.  I know this is a very heated and controversial subject, but I do think the way of the future is mirrorless; it has just plain become to good to ignore... especially if like me, you don't like taking a wheelbarrow load of heavy equipment with you to shoots.

If you're wanting a camera with the abilities, features and price point that the A7/R/S offers, you would be hard-put to beat this camera.  If you've been toying with the idea of FF, which I also think is the future (another explosive subject, I know!), you might want to include the A7 series in your list of possible purchases.  IMHO, you won't be sorry!

Thanks to all you very talented artists and collectors for your support and friendship!  
*See my books at:  
*Pinterest: (… "Beautiful Photography" on Pinterest!  (You might even see some of your images there!)    :)
                     Thanks so much, Michael
© Copyright Notice:  Every image in my gallery is copyright protected by ©M  I  C  H  A  E  L    C    P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y.  My images are FOR SALE ONLY and may NOT be used under any other conditions without my express permission.  Anyone caught using my images, or any variation of them without my express permission WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!

                Update Journal

 Oh, and don't be fooled any longer... take a little time and check this out!

So are you still a doubter regarding chemtrails... all those long, sometimes criss-crossed trails in the sky left by jets?  Still think the detractors are a bunch of kooks sitting around with tin-foil hats on their heads, just looking for another conspiracy theory to rant about?  Really?  Want the true science behind it?  Just take a short time and listen to this... I promise you won't be sorry!…


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Michael Cline
Artist | Photography
United States

See me on Twitter @


*Artistic nudes are NOT pornography! Or as another Deviant quoted it so well: "Pornography stimulates the genitals... erotica stimulates the mind!"

*Ladies and gents, THE MOST WONDERFUL GIFT you can give to your significant other is some beautiful art-nude photography of you (no matter how old you are)!


*All of my art is ©COPYRIGHTED! DO NOT STEAL OR REPRODUCE IN ANY MANNER without my express permission! Chances are, if you just ask, I will give you permission! Violators WILL be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!


NOTE: I WILL PERSONALLY SIGN ANY OF MY BOOKS that you purchase if you wish. Just send it (them) to me along with a postage-paid self-addressed envelope! It will be my pleasure!

*Do you like erotica? Then you just may like my most recent book "ALCHEMY OF A MUSE!" (…

*If you like to relax to a book that features several top photographer's works, consider "OUR BEST FOOT FORWARD, A COMPILATION OF ART NUDES" (…

*And if you like models to share themselves with you verbally, as well as pictorially, by all means take a look at my first book "SPIRIT QUEST!" (…

*Thanks so much to all of you who "Watch" my "deviancy" and who save my work as FAVORITES! If you go to my website (…, you will see how you can save BIGTIME by ordering my prints from Deviant Art! That will be our little secret! Remember, it's your patronage that keeps us art photographers going!

*Please feel free to write me anytime with your questions or comments! I love meeting and talking with new people!

Best to all,

Current Residence: USA - Pennsylvania
Print preference: B&W
Favourite genre of music: Blues, Rock 'n Roll
Favourite photographer: Jock Sturges, Helmut Newton
Favourite style of art: Photographic
Operating System: Mac OS
Wallpaper of choice: Ever-changing Art Nudes
Favourite cartoon characters: PinkPanther and The Roadrunner

A few of my sayings:

* "Seems like in life I have all too many times had to make lemonade!"
* "Regardless of the frequency, when said from the heart, the words 'I Love You' never lose their intensity nor do they ever wear out!
* "We are what we are 'til we are no more."
* "What a sad commentary indeed, it is for those who choose not to see the beauty and wonderment of the nude in all of its forms. For it is, without doubt, the epitome of God's handiwork - to be enjoyed and admired."

From William Shakespeare on the subject of love:

* "True love cannot be found where it truly does not exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does!"

From Michelangelo:

* “What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?”
– Michelangelo

And from Samuel Clemens [with one addition due to personal experience]:

* "I find that principles have no real force, except when one is well fed [and well fucked]!"

And from lyrics by Jim Morrison of The Doors:

* "This is the strangest life I've ever known!"
* "I'm a back door man! The men don't know what the little girls understand!"

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